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Accelerate With Us

We partner with high-growth internet and consumer technology companies that are fundamental to the human condition and spirit

who we are

Our mission is to
pave the way for founders
to grow and win.

Through our specialization and data driven approach, we move quickly and supercharge companies with actionable insights to unlock hyper scale.

Headquartered in Brooklyn

They knew more about e-commerce than every other investor we spoke to. After receiving multiple term sheets for our Series A round, we chose them because of the in-depth way they knew our business and customers.

Headquartered in Brooklyn

As a fast growing company we need 3 things: The best talent, operational excellence and access to capital. Left Lane supported us in all 3 areas continuously along the way and is continuing to do so. The became not only great sparring partners but also friends - I can highly vouch for them.

Headquartered in Brooklyn

The Left Lane team are entrepreneurs, just like the people and companies they back. They are focused on building the preeminent technology investment firm and willing to do whatever it takes to help their portfolio companies succeed.

Headquartered in Brooklyn

The Left Lane team works closely with us and are in the trenches with us. These are people you want to hang out with - not every large firm has that culture.

Headquartered in Brooklyn

Many venture capitalists are afraid of our market because it’s complex. What was wildly different about Left Lane’s approach is they embrace complexity, listen to the data, and discover unique insights in our business that have immediate impact.

Headquartered in Brooklyn

Left Lane has introduced us to a lot of experts in the field, but first and foremost, they’ve helped us understand what great looks like.

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